Bogutovacka Spa – Serbia


Bogutovacka Spa is situated in the central part of Serbia, on the sunlit and woody clearing of the Mount of Troglav(l 177 m), not far from the River Ibar, 200 km south of Belgrade, 23 km away from Kraljevo and only 3 km away from the Ibar motorway.

It is a known fact that the mineral and curative waters have sprung in this area from ancient times. (It is supposed that there was a spa settlement here, by the town of Bogutovac of the time, as early as Middle Ages.)
At the request of the government of the Principality of Serbia, the water was examined in 1835, but it was not earlier than 1952 that it was reexamined by modern methods, inciting landscaping and equipping the Spa. (The first data on the curative effects of this Spas waters were provided by Baron Herder in 1835, while the first chemical analysis was made by Dr Marko Leko in 1897.)

Although relatively new, the sanatorium has attained reputation as the “Neuro Spa” and “the paradise for the nerves”, owing primarily to its effective mineral water, as well as its excellent climatic conditions – there is almost no fog during the year, nor is there mixing of air currents, nor abrupt changes in atmospheric pressure. It is situated at 520 m altitude with the Mounts of Goc, Zeljin, Stolovi, Kopaonik, Jelica, Cemerna…. surrounding it. This fact, together with its unspoilt nature, ranks the Spa among the very attractive climatic areas as well.
The mineral water is radioactive, carbon-acidic (23° – 27° C); the extremely rare mineral – lithium – adds to its distinctiveness. Three springs are being exploited now. Owing to its complex composition, the water has a comprehensive effect on human body.
The therapies include bathing (23 bath tubs and 4 pools) and drinking, and are conducted under the supervision of doctor specialists of the “Mataruska and Bogutovacka Spas” health resort. The medical block is set within the “Mineral” Hotel premises.
Stay in the Bogutovacka Spa can be appended by picnics into the unpolluted, unspoilt countryside, to the sunny clearings in the woods or to the dean Rivers Lopatnica and Ibar, to the Mounts of Goc (1127 m) and Kopaonik (2017 m). The area around the Spa is known for its rich cultural and historical heritage.

The most beautiful and magnificent monument of Serbian medieval architecture – the fortified Town of Maglic with well preserved walls – is located on the high and steep ridge of Mt. Stolovi, 200 m above the Ibar’s right bank. Brvenik is another medieval fortress, while there are also old mines, monasteries from the times of the Nemanjics – Studenica, Zica, Gradac… Other spas are also to be found near Bogutovac – Mataruska, Vrnjacka, Ribarska…

In summer, the Spa is the place of sports competitions: paragliding, the “Joyful Drift” kayak contests on the Ibar…. In June, there are the “Days of Lilac”, when various performances are held in many places from Kraljevo to Maglic, and from Usee to Gradac Monastery.

Owing to its natural and accommodation resources, Bogutovacka Spa can offer, besides curative, the tourist attractions as well – recreation, sportsmen fitness programmes, student’s excursions…

The guests to Bogutovacka Spa can be accommodated in the “Mineral” Hotel with 208 beds and additional 45 beds in the Dispensary, or in private homes (about 1000 beds).

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